All Work? Know Play.

At 4Play CreativeTM, we believe novelty items and games can make life a whole lot more fun, so we developed an inventory of slightly naughty products serving niche markets of novelty and sex shops. Our products can be viewed and ordered by going to the products section of this website.

       · BBQ-utiesTM                           · The HookerTM
       · She-A-PetTM                          · Ginger BedTM
       · TwistedTM                              · Nude TeesTM
       · Battlesip & StripTM               · Nutcrack-HerTM

Also, check us out on the hit CBC television show Dragons' Den! If you don't know if Jen from 4Play CreativeTM slayed the dragons or was eaten alive, you can click here.

Not Safe For Work WARNING!!! Our products and website may be NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK). Content rated NSFW may be inappropriate for the typical workplace, especially in the presence of your boss and colleagues.