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May 22, 2013 · New Retailer!!!
Check out our BBQ-uitesTM on store shelves in a Spencer's Gifts location near you!!! Spencer's Gifts operates over 600 stores throughout North America. Their core mission is "Life's a Party - We're Makin' it Fun!" Getting a product into this store is one of many dreams come true for mompreneur Jen Blaikie and CEO of 4Play Creative. Jen is also excited about their 2nd product entering the chain as they are already in negotiations!

January 21, 2013 · Taboo Vancouver · The Naughty but Nice Show
Taboo 2013 Vancouver - The Naughty but Nice Show

The Taboo Naughty But Nice Show is an adult trade show that comes to Vancouver mid-January, just in time for you to buy something special for your Valentine in February. It's the only event I know of where you can take part in a burlesque dance class, attend a seminar on talking dirty, get a tattoo, eat pornographic candy and watch a pole dancing demonstration all on the same day. Apparently more than 30,000 visitors filed through the doors of Vancouver’s convention centre to swap information, expertise and (as we witnessed) even swap spit.
We had a 10' x 10' booth featuring our 4Play Creative products which were very well received and many noted as their favorite booth at the show. There were a lot of laughs and apparently we offered a nice break from all the latest in lube, hanging clitoral jewelry, and dildo technology (which let's be honest, can be a bit overwhelming).
A big thanks to all who came out and supported us this weekend!
- Jen Blaikie

January 17, 2013 · Taboo Vancouver · The Naughty but Nice Show
Taboo Vancouver

December 24, 2012 · Merry 'X'mas · 4Play Creative
Merry 'X'mas

September 30, 2011 · Dragons' Den · More photos provided by CBC
Jen Blaikie / Dragons' Den

Jen Blaikie / Dragons' Den

Jen Blaikie / Dragons' Den

September 22, 2011 · Seven Minutes Of Fame
by Jen Blaikie

So... I didn't slay any Dragons, but I didn't get eaten alive either!

What an experience! Dragons' Den does not just provide money for businesses, it is also a super big platform to get noticed by the world. And that we have! Thanks to those of you who have purchased our products as a result of seeing us on Dragons' Den! We also appreciate all the fan email flooding in from all over the country. Some interesting distribution and angel investment opportunities too! Looks like the Den may be just the beginning for 4Play Creative!!!

It took a lot of guts to go on Dragons' Den. Anyone who has seen the show knows that most of the entrepreneur’s pitches featured are excruciatingly embarrassing. The ones that make for some of the best tv are often the ones that get a hard time from the Dragons. Often somebody has stood for ages in front of the panel answering questions but their appearance is edited down to a couple of minutes of the most unflattering moments. Plus, I had just had a baby, so yeah, that whole “the camera adds ten pounds” thing was not helping my cause. I was confident that I could present myself and my products in a way that would make for good tv but let's just say it was a super nerve wracking experience. The worst part was the waiting around at the studio not knowing how it was going to go down. All the “contestants” had to sit in a room waiting until they were called. Most people practiced their pitches over and over whereas I was too busy rolling around on the ground entertaining my 6 month old and trying not to get spit up on my clothing or hair... Ha! Plus, I was up most of the previous night with my teething baby. Red eyes anyone?! We were there for about six hours in total (some are there for way, WAY longer) and I was the first of my group to be called in.

I was ushered to hair and make up. Then my fabulous producer drilled me with hard questions to get me ready for the Dragons. I then got mic-ed and ran through a couple sound checks and then, DA DA DA... I was led to the top of the platform and started counting down, all of a sudden they said go and there was no turning back. I walked straight into the middle of the den. The Dragons were all sitting in front of me on the stage. The lights were going full blast so it was hard to see and I could feel the presence of all the cameras and production staff in the outskirts, watching, waiting, listening (hoping) for the drama to begin.

Then, your brain will do a number of things at once, all of them poorly:
a) Look at the Dragons. It's still the most distracting thing in the room.
b) Realize YOU are going to be on NATIONAL TELEVISION! And, what if you look like an ass?
c) Vaguely listen to the questions being asked by the potential investors, but mostly just focus on the fact that the camera is adding ten pounds in high-def right now.
d) Spew some silly nonsense.
and e) Continually remind yourself that no matter what happens, DON'T CRY!

I was in the den for just over an hour! It's interesting to see what they airred and what they left out and some of the tricky editing they did. My family had a little viewing party for me (even my Aussie-Bro and his family were there via skype) so we were all laughing our heads off at the way it unfolded. Especially at all the pixelated bleeping out of some of my products.

Some of what they didn't show was all the talk about my marketing strategy, the manufacturing process each of my products require, the quoted costs of off shore production (all of which I had to retain in my head because paperwork is not permitted), the distribution, my sales, local retail stores onboard, my business plan, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc... but this stuff probably doesn't make for exciting tv.

I was very close to getting a deal. Deal or no deal I saw the opportunity as exposure and knew it would help to launch my products which is exactly what is happening!!!

What a great experience! Even Kevin, (the so-called mean one) really liked me. Each of the Dragons gave me amazing feedback and advice on how to proceed forward.

Sometimes I still can't believe I got two billionaires into bed with me! A little something for the bucket list. :)

August 24, 2011 · Hi Mom! We're gonna be on TV!!!
Mark your calendar if you'd like to watch Jen Blaikie from 4Play CreativeTM pitch on Dragons’ Den. It will be airing on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 at 8:00 PM on CBC Television.

Jen Blaikie / Dragons' Den

Jen Blaikie / Dragons' Den Photos provided by CBC

May 12, 2011 · CBC's Dragons' Den Set

Jen Blaikie & Levi / Dragons' Den

Feb 25, 2011 · We made the Local Newspaper!
If you find the text in the newspaper clip too small to read, you can also click here to read the article by Erin McCracken from Victoria News.

Newspaper Clipping

Feb 17, 2011 · Dragons' Den Auditions!
We have received a bit of attention with the local press as of late due to our audition for CBC’s television show, Dragons’ Den.

The open auditions took place in Victoria, BC on Thursday, February 17th from 11am to 6pm at the Laurel Point Inn. For those of you not familiar with the show, Dragons' Den is a Canadian television programme featuring entrepreneurs who pitch their business ideas to secure investment finance from a panel of five venture capitalists (The Dragons'). Successful pitchers will have a chance to earn real investment from the Dragons’ own pockets! The show averages 1.7 million viewers every week.

Each entrepreneur was given five minutes with three producers to pitch their business, product, or idea and make their impression. Our five minutes could not have gone better!

Over 4000 presenters auditioned last year and only 300 were selected to film in front of the Dragons in Toronto. Of those 300 who filmed in Toronto, approximately 150 will make it to TV. About 10 per cent of those come from Greater Victoria and we at 4Play Creative are hopeful and excited!